You can save you

You Can Save You

Many people are facing past and present obstacles and pains.  For some individuals, they become imprisoned by these struggles, and are not able to find their way out of the maze of pain and hurt.  Others are able to rise above the struggle, encourage themselves, possibly seek assistance from others, and find their way to victory.

I would like to share about a person who became lost and could not find their way.  This was my brother Charles.

Charles lived his adult life with the pain of his childhood.  He never sought help.  He was not able to overcome the pain.  It consumed him all of his life, and he was unhappy.  Throughout his life, he moved around the United States, living in various states, and always struggling to find his way.  Charles always blamed others for his misfortune.  In each state that he lived in, he spoke poorly of the people who lived there.  He was in and out of jail, for things such as pubic intoxication and fights. As years past by, my brother became worse.  At times he took out his anger on me, and others around him.  Then in August 2009 Charles’ battle ended, when he committed suicide.

There been numerous times that I have thought about the lost of his life, not only in the life which ended at death… but also the lost life lived during the years he was alive.  My main sadness for Charles is the “what could of been” in his life.  I think about the life which he could of had if he had overcome his past pain and had been able to experience a successful life.  It is painful for me to think of the many years he spent feeling miserable.  Charles had a quote that he sometimes said to me as we ended phone calls – “And life moves miserably along.”

This is an example of what can happen with a person who does not find the way to save themself.

Each person who encounters painful experiences in life must choose if their life will be defined and stifled by those experiences, or if they can consciously make the choice to overcome.  If they choose to move past the struggles, they can grow and find a new path that does not need to be directed by their past.

Your past does not have to dictate your future.  You can create the future which you desire.

If you have struggles to overcome, you can save you.  This may involve seeking counseling.  You may want to reach out to family and/or friends who can give you encouragement and support.  This will most definitely involve learning to have faith in yourself, and self encouragement.  

What can you do for yourself?  What are you creating for your future?  Where is your path headed?