Turning mistakes into road signs

Sign Of Arrows

Each of us have made our share of mistakes.  Most of us have regrets.  At times those mistakes leave us with feelings of guilt, sadness, depression, and other emotions.  It may be about parenting, job/career choices, decisions in relationships, words we express to another person which we wish we had said differently, and the list goes on.  

Think for a moment of mistakes which you felt you have made in your life, whether in the distant past, or something recent. Next think about how you felt, which emotions flooded your heart, the thoughts which overpowered your mind, 

How many times have those thoughts of mistakes and regrets held you back for days, weeks, or even years?  How much time have we lost over the distraction of being stuck dwelling on those mistakes?

We can allow those mistakes and regrets to become distractions which rob us of time, qualities in life, and more.  The more time that we are spending on dwelling on mistakes is less time that we are spending towards successes.  We need to process through the mistakes, realize what we have learned from them, and move on in our lives.  

I suggest that we turn those mistakes into road signs.  We can learn from any and every mistake.  A life lesson can be gained from every regret.  Each mistake can give us knowledge.  From them we learn about ourselves,  about others in our lives around us, and we can develop wisdom as well.  

You can be on a path, make a mistake, and then take a new direction.  That transformed the mistake into a road sign.

Let’s spend less time pondering the mistakes, and more time learning and growing from them.  New directions bring new journeys, adventures, and victories.  That can be amazing.

Where are you in life?  What has your focus?  What captivates your thinking?

Let’s turn negatives into positives.  Let’s grow and learn.  Enjoy life.  Find your path.

Learn from the road signs in your life.  They can be used to help you grow, learn, and succeed.