Life is about creating you

Life Is About Creating You

George Barnard Shaw stated, “Life isn’t about finding yourself.  Life is about creating you.” 

Within you is the ability to be the person you desire to be and to have the life you deeply desire. When your past is one that would lead in a direction other than your desired future, then it is completely in your hands and control. You can shift the path that your past would dictate for you.

If your life started in a direction that would hinder your success and happiness, then it is up to you to change the road that you are on. For some, counseling is needed. For others, it makes a difference to have people around you who give you encouragement and support. Regardless of whether or not you need help from others, you will most definitely need to become able to encourage yourself.

It may help to find quotes and/or phrases that are uplifting to you. Visual encouragement can be powerful. You can post these quotes or phrases around you –  on a mirror, the refrigerator, or computer monitor. It is important to find the way to refocus and redirect your thoughts and attention. It is about retraining and shifting your thoughts and what you dwell on each day.


Instead of telling yourself, “I can do this,” you need to change your thoughts to, “I will do this.” Nurture yourself with the words you speak. Believe that you deserve those things.  Believe that you are worthy of them.  It has often been said that “we are our own worst enemy.”  And that can be true. We control so much more than we realize about our lives.If you believe in yourself, you feel upbeat and light- hearted. If you are hard on yourself, then you feel weighed down and heavy-hearted. Sometimes we cannot even appreciate what we have in our lives and that can hinder us from achieving even more in the future.


Excerpt from my book – Uplifting One Life at a Time: The Power of Encouragement