Just breathe… You’ll never live this moment again

Just Breathe

Just seeing this attached picture inspired me to write a post.   Think about that statement for a moment ~ “Just breathe… You’ll never live this moment again.”

Many current moments are robbed by thoughts of the past or future.   At times we focus on regrets, pains, etc of the past.  Then there are times which we focus on stress and worry about the future.  Many times these are thoughts which only deprive us of enjoying the moment.  Then we are left feeling frustrated, emotional, unhappy, or other such sensations.

It is important to decide when time should be spent on these feelings, when we need to direct those thoughts into a productive direction, and when we need to simply move on from those thoughts.

Sometimes you need to tell yourself to “Just breathe.”   Each moment only comes once.  Enjoy each moment that can be enjoyed, and limit the moments that are spent dwelling on the past or future.  Just breathe.