Introducing Talina Collier: Wife, Mother, Author

Talina Collier

(Written by Victoria Adams)

 Talina is one of those people who choose to express what is happening in her life so that others might learn from her journey.  Her first introduction into this personal and expressive world was a poem she wrote at the age of 13 when her father died.  Unable to discuss the feelings she battled, and seeing traditional therapy as out of reach, she had long, healing conversations with herself, pen in hand.

 In high school, Talina was encouraged by a drama teacher to seek a career in acting.  That dream fell away into the distant pass but her ability to reach into the heart and mind of a character has given her a special type of perspective in her writing.  Her drama training gives her the ability to see the mind and action of her work and understand how that work might “play” to her audience, the reader. 


Talina has published a variety of titles, all of which are available on  She has three children’s books, Jacob and the Turtle Race, Jacob and the Orange, and Jacob and the Toy.    Birthday Curse is a YA novel about a young lady who must leave her home at the age of 13 and discovers she is a werewolf princess!

 Her more serious side is found in a book of poems entitled Life’s Poetry.  In this book the inner thoughts of a lady that has navigated through the difficult times of life and still arrived at her current self with faith, compassion, and a sincere belief that good can be found when we truly seek it out.


Then there is the practical side, Talina’s wonderful cook books.  Some of her own, some from friends, some old favorites with unknown origins.  Cooking with TLC and A Cup of Love From TLC, Family & Friends will give you many ideas and maybe a few new traditions.  Her cookbooks attracted enough attention that she was asked to be the guest chef on her local TV station, Studio 10 in October of 2012. 


Talina puts her actions where her thoughts are.  She has been involved in many community efforts in and near her home.  She is the originator and administrator of a Facebook group established in support of her new publisher, as well as a public fan page for the same publisher (PDMI Publishing, LLC). 


If you want to see inside the mind of a life well lived, check out some of her work and keep a look out for her new titles.