Communication In ALL Relationships


There are people who place importance on communication in all relationships, and others who apparently only believe that it is important in particular relationships.   Where do you place importance on your communication?  With a spouse or significant other in dating?  With parents and children?   Between roommates?  In friendships?

I submit that communication is important in all relationships.  How can communication only be important in some relationships, and not in others?  Why would someone expect to have problems, misunderstandings, etc in maybe family or dating relationships, but not in friendships?  I have seen people who when a problem develops in their family or dating life, they are quick to talk with the other person, and resolve that problem so as to preserve and nurture the continued relationship.  Those same people will have a problem in a friendship or other life relationship, and are able to allow weeks and even months to go by before making the time to talk and resolve those problems.  So in some relationships, problem solving is hugely important, and resolved quickly.  And in other relationships, problem solving can be placed on hold for long periods of time, until there is a time they are ready to communicate with that person.

Anywhere you have two people in a relationship, you can experience both positives and negatives.  It is important to communicate in any relationship in your life of importance to you.  When problems develop and you do not place importance on communication, then you are choosing by doing nothing to allow harm to come to that relationship. Each person in your life who has importance to you should have communication value in your life.   

For each relationship which you cherish, be sure to nurture. Communicate with those in your life who your value.  Be sure that they always know you appreciate them.  Talk through problems when they arise.  Show how much you care not only by how you express yourself in the good times, but also in how you handle problems as they arise between you and the other person.  How you handle negative situations is as important as how you handle the positive situations.  

Love each other.  

Be good to each other.  

Talk with each other.  

Take care of each other.