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Just breathe… You’ll never live this moment again

Just Breathe

Just seeing this attached picture inspired me to write a post.   Think about that statement for a moment ~ “Just breathe… …

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A difference in a phone call

Phone Call

I have been looking for a new apartment home.  In making some phone calls to prospective places, I had a couple …

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You can save you

You Can Save You

Many people are facing past and present obstacles and pains.  For some individuals, they become imprisoned by these struggles, and …

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Positives and Negatives in Life

Positives And Negatives

Regardless of the negatives in our lives at any given time, there are always positives as well. I continually insist …

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When perspective hinders listening


I have been having several experiences this year which have led me to learn about the subject of perception.  These …

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Everyone needs a listening ear

How People Make You Feel

Today I had a conversation with someone who I met recently.  In talking with her, she told me that she …

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Turning mistakes into road signs

Sign Of Arrows

Each of us have made our share of mistakes.  Most of us have regrets.  At times those mistakes leave us …

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Self Confidence & Obstacles


Most people struggle with self confidence, in one area of life or another.  For some it may be self confidence …

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Communication In ALL Relationships


There are people who place importance on communication in all relationships, and others who apparently only believe that it is …

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Stop and Smell the Roses


Many of you have heard this expression. However, how many of you have actually stopped to think of it’s meaning? …

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