10986_wpm_hiresLIFE (Lifting Individuals For Empowerment)

was created by Mary Banos with the sole intent of inspiring and uplifting others. Everyone can make a difference in the lives of others. Around you are various people – family, friends, co-workers, customers, acquaintances, and strangers who we encounter. Sharing a smile can ignite smiles from others. Giving a compliment to someone can uplift their day. Listening to someone who simply needs a person to hear them can lighten the weight of their burdens. Spending time with someone who is lonely can nurture their lives.

What can you do? Who do you encounter in your day that may be in need of a smile or kind word? How many lives around you could be uplifted in just a moment by you taking the time to meet a need? Is there someone who could feel inspired just by you noticing them, and spending a moment with them?

Take a moment to look around. You can make a difference. The opportunities are there. Do you see them?


Mary has worked in financial aid in higher education for 20 years, assisting students with the financial means to achieve their goal of a college education.

Mary was fortunate to overcome a troubled childhood, plagued with times of depression, resulting in random thoughts of committing suicide. In her adulthood, Mary overcame the pain that was her past. This past developed within her the life long passion of helping and encouraging others.

Mary is working on a Masters of Science degree in Professional Development. Her goal is to write additional books and to take her motivational  speaking around the world while her collective passion is to encourage others, help others overcome obstacles, and to reach their goals and dreams.