A difference in a phone call

Phone Call

I have been looking for a new apartment home.  In making some phone calls to prospective places, I had a couple of calls which left me thinking about the difference that can be experienced in the tone and voice of the person on the other end.

There was a property which I called with a staff member that left me feel like I was bothering her, simply by the way that she sounded on the phone.  Maybe she was multitasking while on the call with me.  Maybe she was not feeling good.  Or maybe she had something on her mind.  Either way it was not an enjoyable call by the way she sounded and talked with me.   I did not let that hinder me from visiting her community.  However it would of been nice to have had a more enjoyable phone call experience with her.

Then there was a call with another property in which the person on the other end of the phone sounded extremely friendly. She sounded like she was interested in talking with me, and like she really wanted to help me find a new home.  I felt uplifted by her personality.   Though I did not visit her property due to her stating that it would be a few weeks until they would know if they would have what I was looking for, I almost wanted to visit her property just based on my wonderful phone conversation with her.

I believe in every day ways of being able to uplift and encourage others.  Simply by how you talk with someone during a phone call can impact them.  Are you encouraging by your phone personality?  Or are you discouraging?  Sometimes we do not realize how we may be impacting others by how we sound during a phone call.  We can make a difference in every day, simple ways.